Wednesday, August 5, 2009

See. I wasn't making it up.
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D.I. pt. 3

We went to Dollywood, yes we did. And no, it isn't true that there are 2 of everything there, and twice as big. Just thought I'd let ya know. Yep.
Yes, we slept whenever and wherever we could. It was a great 5 days, very hot, very fun, very exhausting. Looking forward to next year!

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D.I. pt. 2

Cute girl with duct tape flower.

Pin trading is all the rage in Tennessee.
And some people think she's quiet and demure....not.
Even the old folks get to play. Yes, Rod and I did win the prestigious "clay aiken" best karaoke award. We sung to Mama Mia. I have a certificate if you don't believe me.
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Destination Imagination 09 Global Finals Pt. 1

Click on link to find out what Destination Imagination is , it is too hard to explain! Or call me.

Julie, Me, Myla and Summer up early and headed to the airport.

We shine in 09!!
After the main challenge is done, we are all smiles!

Fun friends!! We love these girls!

The Garden, for good or evil

So about a month after I planted my garden, I decided to go out to the back 40 and see what was going on.
I had faith that there were veggies out there under all them weedy things.
And sure enough, we found tomatoes, and peppers, and a tiny watermelon, and squash.
Now the tomatoes were planted on that black plasticy stuff so no weeds get through, not strung up or anything. This was the advice of the lady who sold the little plants to me, which advice she got from some master gardener dude. The tomatoes are awesome!! Great advice!
The rest of the stuff we just planted, and it was choked with weeds, so I got out my family, the gardening paraphenalia and we weeded for a good hour or so. Yep, got about 1/5 weeded.
That was about 5 or 6 days ago. I found a cucumber plant with two tiny cucumbers on it, one about 2 inches long, another about 6 inches long, maybe 2 inches around. 2 days ago I checked on it and my how it had grown. Summer brought it in tonight and I about died. How do things grow that quickly? Seriously?

Catching up....

OK, OK, I am so far behind, how will I ever catch up? That is what keeps me silent.

Not much can keep me silent, ask my family.

So, let's experiment and see what happens, shall we?

Me. New hair. Happy about it.

Mission. Dear friends! Anna & Joe. Thanks for stopping by.

Son. Future Missionary. Very goofy boy.

Daughter. Beautiful example. Friend to all. Delight of my life.

Stay tuned for more. Going to see how long this takes to upload.