Monday, March 15, 2010

It's that time again!

Last years awesome Destination Imagination teams

Reilly and Summer are counting down the days until our Utah State Destination Imagination Tournament. I think we are down to 11 days- yikes! Their teams are working hard and having fun. I have some hair still on my head, we'll see if I need a wig in 2 weeks. :)

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Destination Imagination, click on the link to the left. In a nutshell, it is a fun, educational team collaboration to meet long term and short term challenges, involving problem solving, acting, science, technology, critical thinking, etc. They learn valuable skills which will help them throughout their lives, and many future employers will love to get them.

We are starting our fundraising efforts and hope you can help us.
The money the teams earn goes to Registration fees, supplies, and traveling to Tennessee if they should be fortunate to win this year.

There are 3 magnificent opportunities to help-

1. We are helping our planet while fundraising, by recycling used inkjet cartridges, laser ink cartridges and cell phones.
A- Donate these items and drop them off to your friendly Destination Imagination team member. We might even pick them up if we need to.
B- Hook us up with your business, or place of work and let us put up posters and collection boxes near printers.

2. Donate money. Easy enough. Send c/o Melissa Price.

3. We are having an online auction-- You can donate items and/or bid on our fun items. Leave me a comment or email me if you wish to donate.

4. Did I say 3? My kids are hard workers, so if I know you, and you are local, let us know if you need babysitting, housework, yard work and the like.

This money goes to the team fund, not to any one individual, and will be divided equally amongst the fundraisers.

Thanks for considering helping out!!! We are truly blessed to know so many kind and supportive friends and family. Love y'all!